Braiding and Clipping

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Sara Edwards has over 10 years of braiding experience for both Trillium and "A" Circuit shows and has also been clipping horses for over 4 years.
She strives to give the horses the best possible experience.

Mane Pulling          $25
Thick Manes           $35

Hunter Mane          $40
French Tail             $25

Jumper Braids        $30

Full Body Clips           $120         (horse and large pony)
Full Body Clips           $100         (small and medium ponies)

Body Only Clip           $100         ($80 for small/med ponies)

Trace Clips          $75
Show Clip            $30           (bridle path, ears, muzzle, fetlocks)

Other partial clips on request

HST is included in all prices.

Fog was braided and looked very handsome in Jody's wedding pictures. He just needed a little chill so he could relax around all of the people.